Sunday Links #8

A collection of links for your consideration:

Cat cognition! Anne Corwin at Existence is Wonderful tests the mental abilities of her cats, with full experimental method and videos!

I’ve had a drafted post on what optical illusions teach us about how our vision works knocking around for some time now, but in the meantime I encourage UK readers to go watch the recent episode of Horizon on what we think we see isn’t necessarily what is there, and how our traditional senses could be augmented and expanded (summary on MindHacks). It’s on BBC iPlayer, so it will disappear soon, but it’s probably available on your local popular video hosting website.

A little bit of inspirational blogging: Not Exactly Rocket Science shares the influences and experiences of 130 (and counting) science writers, including Ivan Oransky of EmbargoWatch, neuro-writers Carl Zimmer, Jonah Lehrer, physicists, archeologists, climatologists, biologists from molecular to behavioural, and everything in between.

Speaking of Carl Zimmer, he has a new e-book outBrain Cuttings: Fifteen Journeys Through the Mind. Vaughan Bell provides a review at Mind Hacks.

Speaking of e-books and Mind Hacks (these links don’t write themselves you know) Tom Stafford has a new e-book – The Narrative Escape, which is, in the author’s words “a long essay about morality, psychology and stories.” Also in Italian, and coming soon in Portuguese!

I promise this isn’t the start of a foray into political blogging. debunks the concept of poll momentum.

Although previous research has suggested that caffeine consumption doesn’t improve alertness in habitual users, two recent studies found evidence that a cup of joe improves vigilance and control of visual attention in regular drinkers, and that it enhances working memory in extroverts. Abstracts are available, but articles are behind a paywall.

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